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January 2, 2004 by TexasNurse2
Below is the report of an incident that occured a couple of nights ago in front of our home, directly across our street. I rendered aid to Arthur Hayes, the one who'd pulled himself out of the burning truck and into our front yard. He is undergoing surgery today for a crushed left hip socket and fractured pelvic bone. The driver of the vehicle, Jacob, is due for release from the hospital tomorrow. My husband is listed below-Michael Sorrels. He's definitely a hero, and an angel to the surviv...
December 30, 2003 by TexasNurse2
During a short break at work today, I picked up a publication that the University of Texas Medical Branch (where I work) puts out every 3 months, and began thumbing through it. One of the headlines, from the medical director nonetheless, was "Happy to Say Goodbye to 2003." He went on to make comments about the 275-person reduction in forces that we've had, EMR being introduced into most of the units (Electronic Medical Record), and other things that could send one into a nervous breakdown.
December 26, 2003 by TexasNurse2
Well, the big day has come and gone. I was lucky enough to be off work yesterday the 25th, today and tomorrow. My family and I had a wonderful time. I don't think it could've gone any better-we exchanged gifts, had good food and a good time. I am truly blessed. How did everyone else's holiday go? I would love to hear.

My boys made out like bandits. They still have stuff that they've yet to open and play with. My parents spoiled them rotten. Believe it or not, my mother bought some cl...
December 24, 2003 by TexasNurse2
After having written these "blog" entries for a couple of weeks now, curiosity has gotten the best of me. I've seen several screen names, and I'm wondering-
Who's married out there?
Who's got children?
What kind of career are you currently in or pursuing?
What's your age?
Where do you live?

Just wondering. For those interested, here are my answers to the above questions:
I'm married- 7 years now.
2 boys
I'm a nurse and working toward my Master's degree in Nursing. (I want to be a nu...
December 22, 2003 by TexasNurse2
All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!

- Lucy, Peanuts
December 21, 2003 by TexasNurse2
I am stepping forward an proclaiming that I am a "Roseanne" junkie. I know it's all reruns...but I'm hooked!

There are several stations that air the wonderful, whimsical episodes in one-hour blocks. This is sad, but I know what channels the show airs on and at what time. I can watch the same episode twice in the same day and laugh at all of the same parts. That show tickles me everytime I watch it.

Okay, I admitted it...Have a good day!
December 21, 2003 by TexasNurse2
I hope everybody's holiday season is going well. I just wanted to take a moment to wish everybody Happy Holidays! I hope and pray that it finds everyone in the best of health and spirits.

My children wrote their letters to Santa today. I acted as their secretary- They told me what they wanted the letters to say, and I typed it up on the computer for them, then they wrote their names at the bottom of the letters. My oldest son who is 5 was very excited and blurted out several items that he...
December 12, 2003 by TexasNurse2
I have to know- Does anybody out there despise shopping for other adults as much as I do?? Does anyone else get leg cramps and brain farts from walking up and down the endless aisles of stuff you know that they'll think you're retarded for buying??

My husband is fairly easy to shop for. I know what to buy him because I know what he likes. However, other grown folks tend to give me chest pains when I try to buy things for them.."Does he already have one of these?? Will she just return this...
December 10, 2003 by TexasNurse2
I received a wonderful email today from my sister in law. It's about how a woman walks into her living room and sees Santa behind her Christmas tree. He tells her that the adults need to "Teach the Children." Here

Santa then reached in his bag and pulled out a FIR TREE and placed it before the mantle. "Teach the children that the pure green color of the stately fir tree remains green all year round, depicting the everlasting hope of mankind, all the needles point heavenward, making it a sy...
December 8, 2003 by TexasNurse2
I hope everyone had a good weekend out there in blog land. As far as myself, it went pretty well.

My weekend actually started on Friday, which was my first day off. We took the boys ice skating at the Galleria in Houston. My oldest son is really taking to it..the youngest one could probably live without it. After ice skating we picked up my husband's sister Debbie, and we drove to Galveston. They were having the "Dickens on the Strand" festival, and we went to a Hand Bell Concert at St. ...
December 4, 2003 by TexasNurse2
To start this story, let me inform you that my husband has 3 siblings- 2 brothers and 1 sister. The two brothers I couldn't really care less about. However, his sister has always been nice to us and she calls to check on us at least once every 2 weeks.

Debbie is 42 years old. Her and her husband, Anthony, have 4 sons. The boys' age range is from 11-18. This past Thanksgiving, I noticed that Debbie wasn't in the best of moods, but I figured that it was something temporary that'd pass. Sh...
December 2, 2003 by TexasNurse2
My husband and I were laying in bed tonight, and I was watching one of my favorite shows-"Residency Life". This show is awesome. It's sort of like "Trauma: Life and Death in the ER". Both of those shows are great. Anyway, I think my husband has the world record for how quickly one can fall asleep.. One minute he was talking about something, and like 10 seconds later his mouth was wide open and he was snoring.

Perhaps I live too hectic of a life. Perhaps my plate is too full, and mayb...
November 28, 2003 by TexasNurse2
Well, we had a good Thanksgiving. Around noon, we ate at my inlaw's house, then for supper we ate at my mother's house. All in all, it was a pretty good day. (My husband scored 2 touchdowns for the mens' football game..)

Tonight we're planning on bringing the boys ice skating at an outdoor rink that's about 1.5 hours away, in Galveston. There's something going on at Moody Gardens called "The Parade of Lights". It's a path that you can walk that's filled with lighted Christmas scenes, act...
November 27, 2003 by TexasNurse2
Just a wish to everyone for a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that this finds everyone in the best of health and spirits.
November 24, 2003 by TexasNurse2
Several days ago, I was sitting on our couch with my 4 year old son when a commercial came on the television. I was looking through a cook book when something he said caught my attention: "That's what Maw Maw wants for Christmas." Before I could look up to see what was on the TV, the commercial was over. So, I asked him what it was that his grandma wanted for Christmas. "A Dancing Cinderella Barbie." Perplexed, I asked him again what she wanted for Christmas. "Moommmm.....A Dancing Cinder...